Elizabeth Bricker


Elizabeth Bricker is a new addition to The Talon this year. In her free time, she does nothing, because she has no free time. She is involved in the fall musical, Into the Woods, here at HRVHS. She participates in the French Club, and World Change Club. After school she can also be found at the Colombia Gorge Dance Academy, or lounging by the fireside with her dog and trusted confidant, Loo Loo.  Her favorite food is pickles, and her favorite TV show is the Office, often the two go nicely together. She says the best thing about being a Sophmore at HRV is not being a Freshman at HRV. She also would like to say thank you to whoever is reading this now, “You are my inspiration.”

She writes an advice column for the talon as well as a Fad Friday article every other week

She can be contacted at elizabeth.bricker@hoodriver.k12.or.us


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