Dear Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth, I just got my license…

Dear Elizabeth,

I just got my license, is there any special information I need to know?


Letsroll Imfree


Dear Letsroll Imfree,

Congrats! There is nothing sweeter in life than freedom. There are a few basic rules for the first year that you have your license. First, you cannot drive other passengers who are not in your immediate family, or under the age of twenty for the first six months. Second, no driving between midnight and 5 am, unless you are going to and from work, driving for employment purposes, accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 25, or driving between home and a school event for which there is no other transportation available. The night driving rules apply for one year, or until you turn 18. Lastly, no operating a mobile communication device while driving until you turn 18.

As for parking in the school parking lot: if you are a junior or senior, you may apply for a pass at the front office, passes are 10 dollars. Sophomores cannot park in the “jock lot”, and passes are not being given to you at this time. The parking lot is full. Sophomores can park in the baseball parking area, or risk being ticketed.

Student drivers in the parking lot are irrational, and rude. Expect to be cut off, and have other drivers cut you in line. Also expect to sit in the parking lot for approximately 20 minutes after school.

Also remember that you are most susceptible to crash related errors for your first year of driving, be careful, don’t take risks, and take driving seriously. Your errors could cause harm to others as well as yourself.
Happy Driving!

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