Dear Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth, How do I pass HPS?

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Dear Elizabeth,

I’m a student in HPS and it’s really challenging and I don’t know how to handle this class! How do I pass HPS?

Sincerely, Struggling


Dear Struggling,

Honors Physical Science is quite a challenge and props to you for taking it on. HPS is really all about time management and not being stupid. Learn from the mistakes that other people in your class make, such as: sitting down during labs, not bringing hair ties. As for managing your time, make sure you start your lab book right away and always stay organized. I liked to use manila folders to keep all my papers in line. Before you go into the lab, make sure you know what you are doing (I always wrote down the lab instructions as he was talking to us). Always come prepared to HPS, don’t be that one kid who is always wearing shorts. Stay on top of the work, and don’t bug Mr. Butcher with your meaningless questions. “Come on, Bricker.” Was a phrase I heard all too often. It’s fine to ask questions but try to find out the answer on your own, first. If you really do not know, and are struggling, then I’m sure he will be happy to lend assistance. I hope this helps, best of luck freshies!



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