Dear Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth, I’m Being Bullied on Yik Yak……

Dear Elizabeth,

I’ve been bullied on Yik Yak, what do I do?



Dear Sad,

Delete the app. My mother once told me that you won’t always be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people won’t like you, which is not your problem. As I’ve been told by Taylor Swift, “haters gonna hate, so shake it off.” Don’t let bad things that other people say about you influence how you feel about yourself. Deleting Yik Yak will no longer give the bullies who torment you the power to push you around.

If this seems too passive to you, you could spend ten minutes every day putting nice comments about people all over Yik Yak to counteract the hate. I’ve also been told that if three different people flag a post, that it can be deleted. Get together with two other people and work to get as many bad things deleted as possible.

I hope this helps,



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