Meet Giulia!


By Elizabeth Bricker, Talon staff reporter. Interview with exchange student from Milan, Italy, Giulia Bezzi Q: Where do you live?   A: I live in Italy   Q:Where in Italy?   A:I live in between Milan and Verona the city of Romeo and Juliet’s love.   Q: Are there museums about Romeo and Juliet there?   A:There is only Juliette’s house.   Q: Are you here the whole year?   A: Yes.   Q: Who is your host family?   A: Jenny Packer, I’m staying with Henriette also.   Q: What’s different about America than in Italy?   A: The cities are so different. We have historical cities, we have a lot of churches and squares where you can hang out and stop at a cafeteria and order an appetizer.   Q: What’s the best part about living here?   A: School, I love school here. It’s so fun and easy. Here you change your classes, so that you know more people. In Italy, you just have one class with all the same people.   Q: So you just go to different subjects with the same people?   A: Yes, and the teachers are switching while we change   Q: Are the class sizes bigger?   A: No, like twenty people.   Q: Is your school smaller than HRV?   A: No, its bigger, probably like 2,000 students, you are just grouped with twenty of the same people.   Q: What is the worst part about living here?   A: Nothing, because I love it. It’s so different, like a country, city, but its ok. Probably food. I miss Italian food, like lasagna and Italian pizza, its so different from your pizza.   Q: How so?   A: you know pepperoni? You mean like salami, but in Italian pepperoni means like peppers. And the ingredients are different. Usually we eat mozzarella and tomatoes and ham on our pizza. You have weird pizzas.   Q: What other languages do you speak?   A: I speak, I know actually six languages, but I can speak only five: Italian, English, Spanish, ( I know Spanish better than I know English) German, Romanian, because I’m half Romanian and I’ve been studying Latin for two years. I cannot speak it, its too hard.   Q: Is Italian a lot like Spanish?   A: Yeah, the sounds and grammar are pretty much the same , but the verbs are different. If a Spanish speaker speaks slow, you can understand. But not all Italians speak Spanish.   Q: How long have you been learning English?   A: I’ve been learning English for like ten years, no, more than ten years. I’ve been living in Russia for four years when I was a child, for the first four years of my life.   Q: Did you speak Russian there?   A: No, I was little. I actually have been living in between Russia and Romania because my mom is Romanian and my dad is living and working in Russia. So like I would speak in English with my babysitter and then I came back to Italy and I started primary school and there I learned English.   Q: Can you explain the school system?   A: We have primary school, middle, high school and then university.   Q: Do you have anything interesting about you, weird skills or hobbies that you have?   A: I don’t know, just languages I can speak a lot of languages and for you that’s so weird. Once you know English, its like you know everything. I have also been playing volleyball for like eleven years.   Q: Do you play here?   A: Yeah.   Q: I also like cooking and traveling. Welcome to HRV Giulia!

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