Save the Earth Friday: HRVHS Students Say “No” to Nestle

By Talon Reporter Grace Whitmore

The Climate Change Action Club is taking a stand against a proposed Nestle plastic water-bottling plant in Cascade Locks. The corporation wants to build the facility at the Oxbow Springs, off of Highway I-84. But this group of students realizes that it would cause serious damage to the Columbia River and its ecosystems, and should not be a part of The Gorge.

The club filmed this video in Cascade Locks and interviewed citizens about why they want to protect their natural resources and environment, instead of exploiting them. To get involved and help say “No” to Nestle, go to a Climate Change Action Club meeting, which are Fridays at lunch in room KO1.

For more info visit:

“No Nestle in Cascade” Locks Facebook:

Local Water Alliance:

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