Sophia Marble- Running Her Way to the Goal Line

By Audrey Marble, Talon Staff Reporter

Sophia Marble, a senior here at Hood River Valley has a very busy schedule when fall sports seasons swing around. Sophia is on both the varsity soccer and cross country teams  and has been doing both sports for 3 years.

Sophia was a former goalkeeper for the varsity team until  she injured her elbow earlier this season. She now plays defense, but traing for her new position isn’t much of a change:“I spend at least for four hours a day Monday through Friday training or practicing, including my athletic development class I have during zero period.” Sometimes the schedule can get pretty frantic.“It’s pretty hard to figure out what practice I need to go to each day, but after a couple years, I’ve got it down pretty well.”

Sophia says she mostly tries to even out the days she’s at each practice, but it mostly depends if there are hard workouts she needs to attend those days. She attends every soccer game and cross country meet and enjoys the support systems on both her teams. “I love pushing myself to my limits and practicing different mental techniques between the two sports,” she says. Her goals this season for both her teams are to be conference champs with no goals against them for soccer and for cross country to keep the varsity girls 4-7 to catch the top three and earn a spot in the state meet. Sophia is also involved with Young Life outside of school, Phoenix Theater, and few other clubs here at HRV.

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  1. So glad to see Sophia receiving the attention she deserves. She does all the little things that make a person worthy of admiration.

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