Large class sizes negatively affect learning

By Faviola Campos, Talon staff reporter

Almost every year class sizes increase and classrooms are becoming overcrowded. The
Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 course at HRV is a fairly large class. Since there was a lack of
signups all of the students who did sign up for this course were all placed into one class

Oriol Sole-Costa has only one class period for the course Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2.
Sophomore Kimberly Cuevas expressed how she felt about being in an overcrowded class and
what she thinks could be done to make it better. “Last year it was easier to have one-on-one
time with him especially because there were a lot less students in one class period.” Cuevas also
expressed, “maybe if the school received a grant, the course could be divided into two classes
and students could be more encouraged to sign up for this course.”

Sophomore Ariana Rodriguez also stated how it felt to be in this course and what she
thinks could be done to make this situation better. Rodriguez states ‘“it feels really crowded and
full inside the classroom,” she said. “Since there are so many students in the class, the teacher
doesn’t have time to help all of us individually. I don’t get time to ask him a question so that
affects my learning.” Rodriguez also expressed, “Having another period of Spanish for
Spanish Speakers 2 would definitely improve our learning because we’ll be more focused and
we’ll have more individual time.”

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