Seasoned Veterans Give Homecoming Tips

By Aidan Ingebo, Talon staff reporter

As the excitement for Hood River Valley High School’s Homecoming week increases seasoned veterans come out with homecoming advice for freshmen and new students.

Adam Cameron, a junior and varsity baseball player, is looking forward to Homecoming and advises others to do the same: “It’s a really good time to get out of your comfort zone and just be yourself,”he said. “Stay out of trouble.” Cameron also gives this advice to students: “Homecoming week is an ample time to get caught doing something you shouldn’t.”

Former freshman and star cheerleader Lilly Robarts was an active participant of Homecoming week last year and is planning to repeat herself. “All the events and school spirit going around really encourages you to put yourself out there and have fun,” she said. Sophomore soccer player Claire Oswald agrees. She claims that the key to a fun Homecoming experience is “to participate in everything and keep a good attitude.”She adds that “the dance is easily the best event of Homecoming week.”

Hood River Valley High School’s Homecoming Week starts on Monday, October 5th. There will be all kinds of events to participate in until Saturday, October. A full schedule of the events and times can be found on the Hood River Valley High School’s main website.

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