HRV would like to welcome Tom Ames as its new Athletic Director

By: Juan Camarillo Talon Staff Reporter

HRVHS would like to welcome Tom Ames as its new Athletic Director. Prior to becoming Athletic Director Ames was a science teacher at HRV, and says that he’s excited to be able to go to all the sporting events, and awaits new challenges to come. He will miss being with the kids, “there was always that one person a day that would give me a good laugh.”

As Athletic Director Ames, along with the help of others, has started a new program that will help athletes pursue their goals and dreams of reaching the next level in their sport. The athlete simply has to fill out a new form called a Sports Interest Form, and by doing this it will be easier for the athlete to apply to college for sports. Senior Joel Garcia says, “It really takes off some stress knowing that I have a chance of playing the soccer in college.”

HRVHS is excited to have Ames as our new Athletic Director remember to look for him at the next sporting event.IMG_1317[1]

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