Tuesday Hero Shayla Moline

By Julio Verduzco,Talon Staff Reporter Great teachers don’t just teach, they care about students in the sense of reaching out to help and that’s exactly what Shayla Moline does. Teaching is one of the most complicated jobs today. It demands broad knowledge of subject matter and classroom management techniques. Math teacher Shayla Moline pushes students to succeed and perform at their full potential when in need for help. When a student struggles she is always willing to help whether they’re in her class or not. A couple of her students shared their thoughts on today’s Tuesday hero Mrs. Moline.

Junior PJ Ross admits he has a struggle in the mathematics subject but with Moline’s help, the problem is solved. He said, “She helped me in a way that no other teacher would help me, because of her experience she had a greater effect on my learning.” He then described it saying, “She engages me and gets me to look at issues in a variety of ways.”

Junior, Adrian Muñoz also depict his experience with Moline. He said, “she explains the work really well, step by step, and she super patient. I really enjoy being in there, she always has a positive attitude.” He believes a great teacher needs to be patient with their students. Adrian has absolutely strived in class since Moline has been teaching him due to the she interprets the concepts.

Now from a teacher’s point of view, math teacher Jacob Kellert gave his time to describe the way he knows Shayla. He said, “She cares so much about her students. She stays at the school late at night, on weekends for her students especially the ones that struggle.”  Kellert described how she has influenced his teaching. Saying, “She gives a lot of positive energy and encouragement in her teaching and she doesn’t make things easier such as a test and work sheets, she just works harder and leaves the test at the same level.”

Shayla Moline isn’t just a teacher she is an all-around great and happy person that is willing to help a student whenever and wherever. She is a great influence for all and gives a great example. Because great teachers don’t just teach they engineer learning experiences that maneuver students to succeed.

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