Students Prepare for Prom

Avery Holyoak

Talon Staff Reporter

Hood River doesn’t just grow beautiful fruit, it also grows beautiful people. Hood River Valley High School’s prom is just around the corner, and people have already started their preparations.

Here are the results of the Talon’s Prom Dress Shopping Poll:


Based on this poll, which was largely targeted at the senior class, the majority of people who wear dresses to prom start at least a month early.

For those who are new to prom dress shopping, there are many ways to go about it. Prom dresses can be bought, borrowed, and rented.

Ann Evans, a senior at HRVHS, got her prom dress this year from Rent the Runway, an online store that rents out designer dresses for a fraction of the cost. She said this on the subject, “I’m only going to wear it for one night, so I didn’t want to buy it. But I’m still gonna look fire.”

For last year’s prom, Cayla Sacre, a senior, happened on her dress at a thrift store. “The dress was sort of retro and fun. I loved it. I hope I find another time to wear it.” Cayla bought this year’s dress online. “It was exactly what I was looking for. I have no regrets in buying it.”

Scarlett Adams, one of the Talon’s own editors, is planning on borrowing a dress. She bought one last year, and “[doesn’t] see the point in buying one again” because she “only wore it one time.”

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