Talon Staff suggests awesome classes to take next year

by Talon Staff Reporter Jennifer Furrow



Want to learn a new language? Junior Julio Verduzco suggests taking French for a “fascinating multicultural experience.” It will open doors to a new world.


Sophomore Crystal Flores advocate for ceramics and biology. “If you are into art, ceramics has really cool projects.” Ceramics gives students the opportunity to create pieces of art that are “worth a lot” and which students “can sell at some point” if they so desire. On the other side of the spectrum,”biology is a good class to take  if you want to go into the medical field,” Flores claims. “You learn how the body works, why it does what it does and why you look like you do.”


For those who are looking for “really interesting” classes, Senior Dakota Bickle recommends Into to Law, 20th Century, and Multimedia. 20th Century exposes students to “culture and evolution of movie and TV” evolution of  through “goofy 50s and 60s movies” which describe  what was important and relevant  to people of that time. “you also learn a lot about symbolism in movies.” This semester long class can be paired with Into to Law for a full year of intriguing information and fun classes. Into to law educates student on “what you can and can’t do and  what cop’s can and can’t do,” as well as “how the court system works” and “your rights.” Multimedia provides students with the chance to develop the “applicable skills” to master “video editing and Photoshop.”

Remember, forecasting sheets are due by Friday, February 13th. Get them filled out, signed and turned in to the guidance office, or lose the opportunity to take some of this awesome classes next year.


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