College and Career Expos Set Today

Today, February, 11th, 2015,  there will be a College, Trades and Military Fair from two o’clock to four o’clock. All students will have the opportunity to go during their last period. Every hall will have a designated time to release you from your class to go to the Commons area. Students will have the opportunity to communicate with the representatives after school. Invite your parents to see the career options you have after High School. There will be representatives from multiple colleges as well as the Army. More information is provided in the Summit.

Class of 2016 is on the road to college. Junior College Night will be tonight from six o’clock to seven o’clock. Juniors only and parents are welcomed to join. For English speakers the meeting will be held at the Bowe theater and for Spanish speakers at the library. Finding the right colleges, admission testing, and the cost of college programs will be topics discussed tonight. This is one opportunity you can’t miss.

Model: Veronica Contreras

Model: Veronica Contreras

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