HRV’s Tallest Student, Stan Ochesky, appointed to The US Air Force Academy

In a recent visit to Colorado, HRV Senior Stan Ochesky, became a member of the US Air Force Academy and earned a spot on their Water Polo Team.  After several months of tests, meetings, and stress, Ochesky was notified two weeks ago that he was accepted into the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. “It was pretty exciting, and I’m really glad I’ll be playing Water Polo too” he says. The academy has a 9.9% acceptance rate, and an even smaller one for nominations. After meeting with Oregon Congressman Greg Walden, Ochesky made a big impression, enough to get nominated and sent out to Colorado. Ochesky is the Mt. Hood District FFA President, Water Polo Captain, a member of the Fishing Club and National Honors Society, and a first year swimmer on HRV’s Swim Team. “Stan is an exceptional kid, in and out of class, that I have gotten to know over four years. In twenty-seven years, I’ve seen many students try to be in the place he’s in right now, and Stan is the only one who I’ve seen appointed, which is a pretty cool thing” says Mr. Schmidt, Ochesky’s AG Teacher.

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