Victoria Kohner-Flannagan takes the world by storm!

By Avery Holyoak

Talon Staff Reporter


Victoria Kohner-Flannagan is more than her beautiful exterior. She is involved in Robotics, Chamber Singers, Band, to name a few. Since the second grade, she has participated in Taekwondo. She has worked her way up to a second degree black belt.

Victoria has participated in a Youth Zionist Jewish movement since 2009. They are interested in social justice and peace. Last summer, she went on a five week trip to Israel during the height of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which started when two Israeli children were kidnapped and killed. She arrived three days after this incident, and as a result, most of her time was spent in a bomb shelter in the north. While there, she solidified her views on the ongoing conflict between the countries. Victoria believes that they both deserve to exist as states and a peaceful agreement needs to be reached.

While in Israel, she also had a chance to go to the Dead Sea. She said that, due to its salinity, swimming in the sea feels like there is no gravity. She warned not to go in if you have any cuts on your body, which is something she learned the hard way. However, the sea also has healing properties, and her cuts were gone when she got out.

She has experienced so much in her 16 years of life, what will she do next?

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