Alex Buschauer, Deadly Warrior

By Scott Kellett

Talon Staff Reporter


Credit to Ray Perkins Photography. Alex was in the Gala fashion show accompanied by Rianna Piatt.

When asked to describe Alexander Buschauer, students and staff will likely reply, polite, intelligent, and respectful as well as respectable. Friends of Alex will agree that his well-earned reputation can be traced to a kind heart and a positive view on life; rarely will one catch Alex with a frown on his face. Alex Buschauer, or as his friends call him “Bushy” due to his previously bushy hair and present, impressive beard is well know by teachers and students as a highly regarded individual. But  kindness isn’t the only thing that makes Mr. Buschauer stand out in a sea of HRV students.

Alex has a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo and significant experience in Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and an expansive interest in MMA fighting.  Earning his first black belt in eighth grade after just three years, Alex proved his natural skill of self-defense and fighting and went on to earn his second black belt soon after. Buschauer added, “There’s some kind of X factor that you need to become a black belt, and if you don’t have it, you get stuck.” Alex consistently proved himself both physically and mentally during training and continued to practice as he returned home and soon became the head of his class as a born natural. While studying under Master Muma as well as his mother’s boyfriend George in the Hood River Dojang, Alex then began training in Jui Jitsu after local MMA fighter Rex Payn introduced it to the dojang. He quickly earned several more belts and even received a double promotion alongside fellow students.  He is still a local icon to the younger generation of martial arts children.

Upon entering high school, Alex began wrestling and continued weight training, becoming even more athletic and capable. He says that though wrestling with athletes who have been training since middle school was difficult and tiring, he quickly learned how to hold his own against the experienced wrestlers, often much larger than he and wrestled both junior varsity and some varsity.

But how can such a peaceful, kindhearted person become so skilled in fighting? When asked how his compassion went hand in hand with fighting, Alex explained, “Growing up with Taekwondo we learned the warrior code, and martial arts warriors are supposed to be the highest in society, they are supposed to protect and love the people. They are supposed to be kind and caring because that’s just who they are.”  In Taekwondo one is taught over and over to “block and counter, as self defense and not to strike the first blow. Avoid confrontations and not start them.”

Though Taekwondo undoubtedly inspires such principles and respect, Alex agrees that he still would have had the same morals had he not taken up martial arts because that’s just who he is.

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