Health Media Club helping the community be drug free

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Health Media club is a club that promotes a drug free life for teens.The focus of this group is to empower students to speak to their community and peers about the effects of drug use. Health Media Clubs are provided in both Hood River Middle School, Wy’east Middle School and Hood River Valley High School. Health Media meets every second and fourth Thursday of every month. During these meetings they discuss important topics on drugs and the way companies promote tobacco and e-cigarettes. Belindah Ballah, a prevention specialist, is the advisor for the club.

Mattie Back, a sophomore at HRVHS, says, “My favorite part of Health Media is when we get to make our own sweaters,” The members usually on the third meeting start planning what they want the design on their sweaters will have. This years design is a black hoodie with multi-coloured arrows going up on the side. “I also like it when we do sticker shock. Sticker shock is when we go around to stores, like Rite Aid, Safeway and Mercado Guadalajara, and put stickers, that we create, on beer cases that warn adults to not give minors alcohol and what the fee is and jail time.” Mattie continues to inform us.

These students have committed to have a drug and alcohol free life; with this generation it is hard to stay drug free because of all the peer pressure and promotion that is occurring. Now a days the theme, drugs, are in music, T.V and the commercial marketing. No matter where they are, teens and young children will at some point come across drugs and alcohol. Health Media Club members are not afraid to be different and not follow the crowd; they are amazing students trying to make  a great difference in this society.

By: Crystal Flores

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