End of the Quarter

By Crystal Flores, HRV Talon reporter

Last week the first quarter ended and students rushed to finish their assignments. All in order to wrap up the first quarter of the year in a brisk. Teachers constantly reminded students to turn in work, but did they actually listen? I asked a couple of students around and found out some results.

Sophomore, America Flores, says “ For my second year, this end of the quarter wasn’t as hectic. As long as my work is in I don’t have much to worry about.” For sophomore Mattie Back, the end of the quarter isn’t as rushed either, “Nah, its pretty good.. I have all my work turned in,” she said.

As students go through high school they learn how to get ready to avoid rushed assignments and bad grades. The best way to avoid a stressed end of the quarter is by doing your work, pay attention in class and do their homework. We all learn from our previous experiences and manage to set our priorities. Most students agree that failing isn’t really cool at all.

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