Throwback Thursday- The Ames’ Wedding

ames wedding pic smallames wedding pic 2ames wedding pic

By Gracie Wilson
Talon Staff Reporter

“That was a great day. I was so excited, wonderful and nervous,” Pathways Teacher Charlene Ames said regarding her wedding to Tom Ames to in 1990. The two met in a parking lot in Bend on a skiing trip. Their relationship lasted three years before they were engaged. A few months later, they tied the knot. The location was a small rent-by-the-hour chapel across the river. After their ceremony, a biker gang couple was to be married. One man was throwing up in the bushes. Another seemed to be fresh out of jail. Aside from that, Ames said, “It was such a good day…I don’t have a favorite memory; there are just so many!”

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