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Amye Hooper starts Knitting Club


In September of 2013, our very own Ayme Hooper started Knitting Club. Mrs. Hooper is

a counselor at HRV, and she has been knitting for over 30 years. She decided to start a knitting

club so she could connect with students, inspire them, and teach them a useful skill.

“Some of the biggest challenges with this club,” she says, “are finding students that

want to join, and spreading the love of knitting.”

“Our goal this year is to get 10 students to come to Knitting Club on a regular basis and

finish a product,” says Hooper.

A lot of people don’t realize the benefits of knitting. Knitting can build community,

reduce stress, and it teaches you a lifelong lesson. Above all, it has a very positive impact on


Knitting Club meets every Wednesday at lunchtime in Mrs. Hooper’s office, located in

the guidance office. No experience is necessary. She has yarn, needles, and knowledge for

anyone interested in learning something new and fun.


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