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Schedule change affects students

Twenty extra minutes in the morning definitely makes up for the twenty minutes you decided to stay up later. Don’t you hate hitting snooze on your alarm ten times in the morning? Now with school starting twenty minutes later you shouldn’t have to! Arriving to school with ninety seconds left for the late bell to ring is not a smart idea, but a lot of people still do it. There’s many reasons why people get to school late and sometimes you really have no choice but to say “I should’ve just left a couple minutes earlier and I wouldn’t have been tardy.”

With a new schedule change many people are still confused as to when school starts and when it ends. Waking up for school still seems to be hard for people. Since school starts a bit later, people are in a mindset where they think they can stay up later. “I still stay up late and wake up barely on time sometimes for school.” said Junior, Ivan Montoya.

After a long day of classes and being around people you like, and some you may not, long days sure do get exhausting. Being in the habit of getting out at 3:05 p.m makes thinking about getting out at 3:30 p.m daunting. Some people have shorter attention spans than others therefore if it’s been a long day, getting out of school later just makes everything worse.

Overall, the schedule change at HRVHS has affected a lot of people. Having a set schedule on when to wake up for school is good. Also, knowing this new bell schedule is something to get used to. With school starting twenty minutes late and ending twenty-five minutes later, there are definitely pros and cons to this new adjustment.

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