Patrick Estes Three Sport Athlete

The spotlight in the world of football is mainly always focused on the quarterback, but remember, without a good defense there can be no offense. This is where Patrick Estes comes into play. Patrick is a linebacker on the Hood River Valley High School football team and also a returning wrestler and a star student. Patrick has made countless sacks and blocks with ease but these do not come easy, it comes from commitment, motivation, and hard work. “Patty is an intense dude on and off the field. His hard work shows on game day and he is a bad dude, nothing surprises me about Patrick because he works so hard at his craft. The results are not a surprise because there what should happen when you work that hard,” says Coach Dyal. When I asked athlete Patrick Estes what drives him to compete he answered, “The physical fitness part of the sport.” If you see Patrick one of the first things you’ll notice is that he does not take lifting weights as a joke and he treats every trip to the gym as if he was training for the Super Bowl. When I asked Patrick about what the most important workout is he responded,” What is the point of going to the gym if you are not going to hit the press?”

Patrick enjoys the family aspect of playing on the football team as well as the experiences he shares with his fellow teammates. Patrick has a lot of talent in the world of wrestling, however, he has a stronger bond with football being introduced to the sport at a young age by his father. Patrick also loves the idea of hitting people with brute force compared to the complex grapples in wrestling. Patrick is always thinking of ways to be better “On level 1,2,3, and 4 I only go level 4,” states Estes. After graduating from Hood River Valley High School, Patrick does not have a school set in stone. He said he will be happy at any school as long as he can continue playing football, he does not want his career to end after senior year. Coaches and athletes both would not be shocked seeing Estes play college football he has all the attributes to become a star athlete in college. “Eagles may soar but weasels don’t get stuck in jet engines” is a quote that explains Patrick’s underdog mindset for the past football season.

Outside of the world of football Patrick is also a dedicated three sport varsity athlete. He returned back to the mats in wrestling and claimed a spot on the varsity team his junior year. He has not wrestled since middle school and its no shock to anyone that he came back into wrestling and made varsity. He competes in track in 100, 200 , 4 by 100 relay as well as long jump. But he does not stop there, athlete and friend Brycen Polzel trains with Patrick in the weight room to prepare for the upcoming football season to return to be a new upgraded team and not repeat the events of last season.

Patrick competes and trains on and off the field to be the best of the best. Whether its pinning the opponent on the mat, sacking Summits quarterback or running at the speed of sound Patrick puts in 110% and competes only to win.

By: Mitchell Lamer, Talon Staff Reporter

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