Pencils of Promise

HRVHS is trying something new this month. Student council member Morgan Graves introduced and manages the school’s fundraiser for Pencils of Promise which dedicates its efforts to educating kids in countries such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ghana, and Laos. “She’s very inspired, very motivated to continue with this campaign,” says fellow officers Patty Orozco and Jordan Ziegner.

“The competition is during seventh period, so each classroom has a bucket and you just give the money to your teacher. Hopefully the teachers have talked about it,” says Ziegner.

“We want to get people motivated about this and make sure people know the real deal about Pencils of Promise. We want to make sure that they really know what it’s about so they can help us reach our goal which is $5,000,” says Orozco.  A donation of $25 can help a student in a variety of countries obtain education for one year or help fund the construction of schools. To date, the school has raised $100.

Be sure to make your donations during your seventh period class. All contributions help, even if it’s only a quarter. If you don’t have the funds to drop $25 into your class bucket, try getting creative. Ask family, friends, neighbors, anyone for a donation.

So come on, HRV, let’s try something new and contribute to a great cause.

By: Talon Staff Reporters, Esme Manzo and Briseida Sanchez

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