Katherine McElderry Went on Exchange!

Katherine McElderry’s exchange to Denmark

Over the summer Katherine went on a month long exchange to a small town in Denmark. Maria Bustos, Abby Mitchell, and I (Alivea Harsanyi) found out a bit more about Katherine’s experience. The following are some questions that Katherine answered for us.

Q: Where did you go?

A: Klampenborg, Denmark.

Q: What was the city like?

A: An old European city. It is a centralized city with many shops and stores in one area.

Q: Who did you stay with?

A: I stayed with a host family and I had a host sister.

Q: How did the exchange work?

A: I went to Klampenborg for the first month of summer, and then my host sister came to Hood River the last month of summer.

Q:  What was daily life like in Denmark?

A: It was summer while I was there so it was very relaxed. We would bike all over the city. We had a lot more freedom. The main source of transportation is busses and train, so some days we would go to neighboring cities.

Q: What was your favorite thing you did while you were there?

A: There were a lot of aspects I enjoyed but I loved the sailing trip we went on the last week I was there.

Q: If you had advice to give to someone going on exchange what would you say?

A: take everything from an objective standpoint because different aspects of culture are going to be different. And when someone asks you if you want to do something, just say yes!

To find out more about Katherine’s trip and see pictures visit her shared blog linked below.

untitled untitled-2 untitled-1

these are some awesome pictures Katherine took while in Denmark.

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