Mandarin class celebrates Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

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By Talon staff reporters Zoranna Bencich and Emily Phillips

Last Friday (Sept. 16) students got to experience the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. The festival is a Chinese traditional festival celebrating an old legend and a sacrifice. The gods gave a worthy man and elixir for eternal life, but if he drank the elixir he would rise to the moon and leave his wife. An evil man tried to take the potion but the worthy man’s wife sacrificed herself to save the elixir from evil. The students learned about the festival while trying the symbolic moon cake. Shen Dingfei, the new Mandarin teacher, taught the students how to say different phrases surrounding the festival in Mandarin. Most of the students enjoy the class and Mr. Shen’s teaching because it’s a new, fun experience. When asked about Mr. Shen, junior Ariana Tran says, “He’s fun, he’s new, and we get along with him pretty well.”

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