The Juntos Club: A New Addition to HRV Clubs!

By: HRV Talon Reporter Charley Boonstra

HRVHS is known for having a wide range of clubs and activities to choose from. We pride ourselves for having great extracurriculars. One of the most recent additions to these such groups is the Juntos Club. Melissa Bentley describes the club as highlighting “all of the steps that are involved with learning about and going to college”.

The Juntos Club has had one meeting so far, and is open to all latino students who would benefit from help with higher education, financial aid, community service, and colleges. The club is really focusing on helping and mentoring students, as well as their families, to be prepared for life after high school. In addition to scholastic help, Juntos will also offer opportunities for students to be involved in leadership. The club is also offering college visits.

The Juntos Club: “For Latino students at HRV interested in higher education, scholarship information, community service, and college visits”.

Having school organizations that help students is something that Hood River Valley is really good at. The Juntos Club is a great new addition to HRV community because it will really be an an outlet for resources.

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the Juntos Club, talk to Ms. Bentley or Mr. Yasui, who are some of the club leaders. Juntos Club meets every other Wednesday during lunch.

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