Ladies Gear Up For Sadie’s: Tips

by Olivia Mitchell, Talon Reporter

If you’re like me, there’s a good chance you’re still reeling from prom. Your dress might still be in a heap on your bedroom floor, there might be a collection of bobby pins on your bathroom counter, and your ticket is probably still in your purse or wallet. That means that, if you’re like me, you weren’t aware of how quickly the annual Sadie’s, or “Spring Fling”, is approaching—the dance is set for May 7th in the commons, from 9 to 11. As females are mainly expected ask their dates for this dance, many HRVHS girls are wondering how to creatively pop the question to the guy or girl of their choosing. However, there’s no need to stress. Following these tips for asking someone to a dance will alleviate some anxiety and help you pull it off in no time.

  1. Set a budget for yourself. It’s so easy to convince yourself that there’s a better chance of your possible date saying yes if they had FIFA 16, or a new pair of Yeezys. If someone wanted to go with you, they’d just as likely say yes to homemade brownies or a creative sign. If they don’t, then that’s his or her loss, and you can find another date.
  2. Don’t do it publically unless you’re absolutely certain that they’ll say yes. This goes for any gender asking any other gender. There’s nothing more embarrassing than being turned down in front of an audience—except maybe having to turn down someone in front of others. It’s not cool to pressure someone into going to a dance with you, and asking in front of a crowd definitely puts unwarranted attention on their response. Save yourself, and the other person, some possible discomfort.
  3. Ask someone you can see yourself having fun with, and soon. With the 7th approaching quickly, there is limited time to ask whoever you have your sights on. If there is someone you have your heart set on going with, you should ask before somebody else does.
  4. Be confident, but don’t take a rejection personally. Asking anyone to a dance is, no doubt, nerve-wracking. Although you might be totally self-assured, it’s normal to be anxious. However, if you act like you’re confident with your proposal, and go in with a smile, you’ll most likely feel a bit more confident. Don’t worry about rejection too much—although it definitely wouldn’t be optimal, a “no” isn’t the end of the world, and it’s not too late to find another date.
  5. Look online for ideas. If you’re stuck on how exactly to ask, there’s a plethora of websites that offer examples and cute ideas. Some typical sites that are loaded with Sadie’s proposals include Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also look at how friends have asked their dates in the past, and customize their proposals.

Here are some fun Sadie’s proposals that have been successful this year, and years past, that can offer some inspiration for anyone with blocked creativity.

grace and montana

HRVHS junior Grace Garrett and senior Montana Kurahara, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 6.58.01 PM

HRVHS freshmen Katie Perkins and Jorge Hernandez

even more sadies

via Pinterest

tumblr sadies

via Tumblr

more sadies

via Pinterest

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