Taming of The Shrew: By Ariana and Faviola

“Taming of The Shrew” is a Shakespearian play premiering at HRVHS in early March. To give you a little sneak peak of what the play is about, here is the summary: It’s about two guys one name Lucentio and his servant Tranio traveling to a city named Padua. On the way, they encountered a man named Baptista, he has two daughters the oldest one is named Katharina and the younger one, Bianca. Bapista insists Lucentio to marry Katharina, but Lucentio falls in love with Bianca. Throughout the play it is a wild love triangle with secrets, competition, and romance, two other guys, Petruchio and Hortensio follow the race to try and woo the younger daughter.

To get more in depth with the play, Ms. Harry, theatre teacher at HRV gave some of her personal thoughts about the play, “Well I did Grease in fall, and it’s similar to how in Grease the girl changes at the end of the story. And it’s just about finding out who you are, it’s perceived of, especially if you see watch how Hollywood treated it in the movie, and in Taming of the shrew has kind of the same publication. So I chose two productions that are viewed as superficial, but they really aren’t because people haven’t chosen to look at the story and just jumped into conclusion. My ‘mojo’ for this year is not jump into conclusion but just pay attention to the details.”


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