HRV Takes 3rd Overall at OISRA State Meet

OHSNO Meadows 5k Skate Feb 16 -6495For those searching for a winter sport with hard temps and good snow try Nordic skiing. Yes, it has its ups and downs (literally) and you’ll skate like a newborn deer but with the passion of the HRV Nordic team pushing you, you will improve greatly! HRV Nordic has developed a talented group of athletes and produces a competitive team that’s ready to face any challenge sent their way.  This season the team took an overall 3rd at the OSIRA State competition alongside 16 other teams.

On Friday HRV headed to Mt Bachelor Nordic Center in Bend to take on the 6k skate race. Arriving around 11:30 the team felt the warm sun and sticky snow, not ideal conditions for skating. Around 1:00 the temperature took a plunge and the sky opened up, 35 and raining actually improved the snow making for a fast race. The main staging area for the race was the oval, a large U track with an inner area for waxing, the oval didn’t provide protection from the wind or rain so spectators were forced to hide under tents as the racers zipped by. HRV’s own Daisy Dolan placed 10th at 21:31, Jesse Wiley 8th at 17:13 and Leif Bergstrom 10th at 17:49. The girls took an overall 3rd. The boy took an overall 5th.

On Saturday they were back at it, this time the temp held at a comfortable 30 degrees and freshly groomed tracks for the 5k classic race. HRV scored some podiums with again, Daisy placing 4th at 18:02, Denali Emmons 13th 19:19, Leif Bergstrom 7th at 14:58, and Jesse Wiley 10th at 15:01. The girls took an overall 4th. The boys took an overall 3rd.

I spoke with team members asking them how they felt about their season and what advice they’d offer new athletes.

Denali Emmons a senior and fourth year team skier said, “It was amazing to finish out the season, knowing that I gave it my all”, she also added, “Don’t underestimate the importance of strength and form.  Improving these two aspects of Nordic will result in great improvement throughout the season.”

Connor Truax a sophomore and second year team skier said, “I would encourage new Nordic athletes to get in the best shape they can pre season and to dedicate themselves to work hard on their form and endurance on skis.”

Daisy Dolan a junior and third year team skier said, “I am really proud of how well our small team competed this weekend. Everyone has improved so much this season which was evident in the races.” She also added, “I really hope that we can get some more athletes out next season because Nordic is a sport for life and it’s a really great group of people.”

Jesse Wiley a junior and third year team skier simply stated, “ I would encourage anyone interested in the team to try it out because it is a lot of fun.”

Coach Bonnie Lambert completing her 9th year, shares her trick to building such a driven team,”After 7 years of coaching Nordic High school athletes the most important is staying positive and trusting the process. The on snow techniques combined with dry land creates a strong and confident skier.  The team has evolved and developed steadily over the years as a result of the positive support from team parents, coaches and community members who have stepped up to help the team function – its truly takes a village! ”

The HRV Nordic team is made possible by wonderful, positive, uplifting, and passionate coaches Bonnie Lambert, Joe Dolan, and Carl Anderson with the help of many involved parents.

Till next season… By Finn Peterson

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