Tammy Hosaka Brings the good vibes to HRVHS

hosakagirls 018

Tammy Hosaka(right) with daughters Megumi(left) and Kiki(middle)

By Aidan Ingebo, Talon Staff Reporter


When the going gets tough the students of HRVHS can count on one place to turn to: the guidance office, specifically, Tammy Hosaka’s office. Hosaka has been aiding students and adults alike for the past 10 years. From getting your schedule changed all the way to signing you up for scholarships,  Hosaka can do it all.

In a recent interview, Hosaka claimed, “what really drives me is knowing that every day I get to interact and guide the future leaders of tomorrow. These kids are our future. It gives you a good feeling seeing them mature and grow.”

Anyone who comes within range of Hosaka instantly starts smiling. “There’s something infectious about Tammy, she always makes everyone feel so happy.” said sophomore Mitchell Lamer.

Never seen without a smile on her face, Hosaka brings an aura of fun and friendliness to the guidance office. But what’s behind that smile? Hosaka has a very interesting story which is lost in translation. She spends so much time asking other people questions, she barely has any time to talk about herself.

Hosaka moved to Hood River from Malheur Butte in 1996. Malheur Butte is a little place located on the very edge of Eastern Oregon, right on the border of Idaho. The place is named after its biggest attraction, Malheur Butte, a several million year old inactive volcano which is said to attract alien lifeforms from all around the galaxy.

What many don’t know is that Hosaka is a huge animal lover. Right now she has a black miniature poodle by the name of Bear. She also has a huge fascination with Koi fish.

You may know some of Hosaka’s children: Megumi and Kiki Hosaka. Megumi graduated with the class of 2015 and Kiki is in the class of 2018, both amazing students with equally amazing personalities.

When asked his opinion on the Hosaka clan, Junior Alden Sova claimed, “The Hosakas are a perfect blend of quirky and fun.”

Before moving to Hood River, Hosaka attended Western Oregon University for her bachelor’s degree and then Willamette University for her master’s degree. She is a very qualified woman with lots of experience and expertise to offer our school. One thing is for certain, HRVHS wouldn’t be the amazing environment it is without Hosaka’s amazing personality and help.

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