An Inside Scoop on our Exchange Student: Clara Vorgaard

By Audrey Marble, Talon Staff Reporter

This year at HRV, we have many exchange students with us from all over the world. One has joined us from Denmark. These are just a few questions to get to know her a little better.

Clara joined us at HRV this year from Denmark and we a thrilled to have her here with us! This year she is staying with the Ing family at their house in Odell. I asked Clara why she wanted to come for exchange in America, she said, “I came to America to experience the different lifestyle, I wanted to try something new.” She continued to say, “My brother came to Hood River a few years ago and had a great time, so that made me want to come stay in America as an exchange student.”

Her favorite thing she has done in Hood River so far is going to school. Some of her favorite classes this year are her health and sociology classes. She adds, “School in Denmark is pretty different than school here, people act differently and there is not as many rules.” Clara said some things she misses from home are hanging out with her friends and being close to her family.

Clara said she is really looking forward to more school activities like homecoming week. She then said, “The games were so fun to watch and participate in!” She also said she is interested in trying out for cheer this winter and is pretty excited about it. Clara also participates on our cross country team this fall and has been enjoying that. I asked Clara what her favorite food that she had tried in America she said doughnuts. “There is nothing like them in Denmark.” she says.



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