Administration, law enforcement, respond to October 10 threat

Written by Nate Miller, Talon Staff Reporter

On Monday the 12th, students came to school to find local law-enforcement roaming the halls. This raised many questions for why they were posted around the school. In an interview with HRV Principal Polkinghorn, he disclosed what information he could, “We had a threat reported to us on Friday, and because of that threat, we felt it was prudent to have some law-enforcement on that day. Law-enforcement has been conducting an investigation, and that there is nothing to substantiate that there is any potential risk here. However, we felt it was prudent to have law-enforcement for the day, just in case.”

When Polkinghorn was asked about the active measures being taken, he discussed the school and police investigations that have been conducted, “It’s hard in those situations. You don’t want to overreact; we didn’t want to freak everyone out. But at the same time, we don’t want to do nothing. So there’s a fine line of what’s an appropriate action and what’s not.” He continued to stress that there is nothing to substantiate a risk to the school, and the safety of any of the students.

HRV students did not seem very alarmed by a police presence at the school. HRV senior, Michael Guzman, thought it was interesting to see them at the high school, “I thought it was pretty weird. I’m not really used to seeing police around here. It made me feel more safe though.”

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