Save the Earth Friday: Students Tells Us Why the Outdoors Matter

By Grace Whitmore, Talon Staff Reporter

This week, The Talon asked a few HRV students about their favorite outdoor activities in The Gorge.

Jhett Chrisman, a freshmen, says he enjoys mountain biking in Post Canyon, skiing on Mount Hood, and hiking. He believes that our environment is “something that you need to protect,” and that it’s very important to get outside in order to stay active and be healthy.

Maria Chavarria, Margarito Perez, Kenny Amezcua, and Alejandra Ruvalcaba tell us some of their favorite places to get outside in the Gorge including: the Mosier Pocket, Punchbowl Falls, Twin Tunnels, and Multnomah Falls.

Allie Burke, a sophomore, enjoys exploring and taking pictures.

allie pic 4

Photo by Allie Burke: Little Crater Lake on Mount Hood

The Talon encourages you to get outside and find an outdoor activity you enjoy doing. If this generation is going to work together to protect our environment, we need to remind ourselves what we love about it!

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