Sitting in silence for four hours can be a really pain, but it definitely has its benefits. The PSAT is really the first taste of college level works. This rigorous exam may seem to have an excessive amount of work, but it’s worth it “kid who take the PSAT are more likely to score higher on the SAT” say HRVHS guidance counselor Melissa Bentley. The cost of the PSAT is 15 dollars a student; the state of Oregon does pay for sophomores but the school has to pay for juniors.

HRVHS sophomore Samantha Valdovinos says, “it being my first year taking it, it was kind of scary taking it, but I feel like it was worth it.” HRVHS junior Wyatt Mansfield shares similar ideas with Valdovinos saying, “it was rough, especially the math, but I feel like I’m prepared to take the real thing, still not sure.”

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