Meet Jonas Kleinknecht as he absorbs American culture

by: Lorena Johnson

Meet Jonas Kleinknecht from beautiful Munich, Germany. Kleinkecht is a Junior at HRVHS, staying with his host family, a fellow Junior, Justin Wilson, and his family. He is thrilled to have the chance to learn here.

Kleinknecht claims that so far his experience in America has been “very different, but good.” I found it comical that when asked what the most surprising part about America that he has found, is “how nice the people actually are.”

The biggest change Kleinknecht made when coming to HRVHS was simply just arriving with no friends, or family. Though overcoming social setbacks, He says that he is adapting well to the culture, other than the food. Alike any foreign exchange student, he prefers German food over American food.

All in all, Kleinknecht is very fond of Hood River, and its people living here. He plans on visiting in the future.

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