HRVHS Student Body Elects Representation

Avery Holyoak

Talon Staff Reporter

ASB, Associated Student Body, elections are tomorrow. The positions are President, Vice President, and the executive council. They help organize school events and represent the school as a whole. To fun for ASB, you have to be either a sophomore or junior, and to run for president, you have to be a junior.

The candidates for this year’s elections are:

ASB President:

Lexi Jones

Rodrigo Fernandez

Payton Rigert

ASB Vice President:

Jesus Chavarria

Benjamin Ortiz

Darrian Thomas

ASB Executive Council:

April Martinez

Nate Miller

Elizabeth Munoz

Last year, ASB Elections took a tasty new twist. Scarlett Adams, our current Vice President, won the hearts and stomachs of her constituents with molds of Jell-O. The lucky recipient of the Jell-O was Dallen Olmstead. Her speech raised the bar for ASB speeches.

How will the new candidates get and keep the attention of our student body this year? Don’t miss this assembly!

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