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HRV Girls Tennis vs. Pendleton

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After a long, never-ending drive, the HRV girls tennis team finally arrived at Pendleton, OR. Approximately four hours later the girls came home with a Varsity loss (2-6), and a Junior Varsity win (6-2).  ” I think overall we did a good job of representing our team values, like sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, integrity, and having fun. In terms of our values we did a good job,” says Jaime Rivera, Girls Tennis head coach. Rivera has recently moved from training soccer players to being a part of the Tennis vibe. He states that it’s not much of a different style of coaching, but more of a different scenario. “There is defiantly more crowd involvement at the soccer matches. My approach to coaching is pretty similar, I believe that we do our work in practice and when its competition day the players step up and be their own coach,” says Rivera. The Girls Tennis Team is very proud to have such an inspiring and dedicated coach.  They look forward to the rest of the season.

By: Crystal Flores

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