Eco-Friendly Staff Members

HRVHS teachers Ted Cramer and Mark Reynolds go beyond expectations when it comes to being eco-friendly. Both teachers are known for riding their bikes to school, rain or shine. “I try to drive as little as possible, and when I do, I use a car run on vegetable oil” Cramer said. Cramer, being a science teacher here at HRVHS, teaches a class called Alternative Energy and Resources. It is a class focused on educating students on clean, renewable energy sources and how they work.

When asked about his contributions, Reynolds said he tries to only rely on cars when he wants to go to the mountain. “I’m not a huge fan of cars, so I try to really downplay the amount that I use cars. [I also] do the common things like recycling. I try not to over-consume, and think about where my food comes from. I used to be vegetarian because meat takes so many resources to produce for the protein that you’re actually getting,” Reynolds said.

Both teachers set perfect examples of how to be eco-friendly within everyday life. It’s not hard to take small steps to reduce your effect on the environment. Students are encouraged to take Cramer’s Alternative Energy Resources class if they are interested in renewable energy sources. As Cramer says, “We’re going to have some serious issues as sea levels rise and people need to migrate to somewhere else.”

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