Asian Club Meets For Fun

By Sofia Deleon, Talon Staff Reporter

On Thursday March 5, Asian Club met in Troy Tactay’s room, D05. Although the club did not have anything in particular to meet for, it was still a fun meet to socialize and enjoy some of Tactay’s fried rice and teriyaki for a quiet yet entertaining day. “I love Asian Club because it’s a great way to get the Asian kids in our school to come together and express their culture,” explains counselor and Asian Club adviser Tammy Hosaka. Asian Club’s mission is to bring Asian culture to attention in the school while having fun. Junior Cassandra Hirata has been in Asian Club for two years. “I like how I can see the different Asian cultures and meet new people, all while also eating good food,” she exclaims. If you’re looking for a cultural club to join, great food to eat, and new people to meet, talk to Tammy Hosaka.

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