“The Moment” app tracks your phone usage

By Abby Kinoshita, Talon Staff Reporter

How much time do you really spend on your phone? Ten minutes? Twenty minutes? The app “The Moment” times your phone activity. Anything from checking the time or updating twitter, it’s all monitored. It sounds creepy, but it’s actually interesting to see how much time is spent on the internet. I decided to host a competition between the boys and girls of different grades. Whoever has the most usage on their phones and which grade had the most minutes would win a special prize.

Lauren Winans and Scottie Ziegner represented the seniors, Tania Ramirez and Jesus Chavarria represented juniors, Kayla Green and Jackson Lebsack represented the sophomores, while Rose Finstaed and Trevor Lariza represented freshman. We also had Mr. Correa and Mrs. Noteboom participate in this competition representing the staff. Before the competition started we asked how long they think they’re on their phone on a normal day. Ramirez says “I think on a normal day I probably spend around two hours on my phone”. Winans says, “I probably spend like six hours a day on my phone”. Chavarria states “I don’t know, probably around three or four hours each day.”

The results are in: In first place for overall top score was Kayla Green with 614 minutes. The top score for the grade goes to the seniors with 849 minutes. Congratulations to our winners! A special prize coming your way.

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