Julia Skwarczynski: Taking on the world one language at a time


By Ami Santillan, Talon Staff Reporter

Every high school student has a talent, something interesting about them, or perhaps a little quirk to them. Some students are talented in math, some in science, but there are very few students who know and are learning more than four different languages. Whether she is up at the mountain skiing or in a classroom studying, sophomore Julia Skwarczynski is always trying her best to achieve the goals she has set for herself and have success in the future.

Julia is a very busy student, but enjoys what she does every day. She has a job, she goes to ski up on the mountain whenever she can, and also does jazz and modern dance, all while keeping up with her studies. Julia fluently speaks Polish and English, and on top of that she also is learning how to speak German, Spanish, and French. “I find it very beneficial to know all these languages. I’m hoping I’ll be able to use them in the future, like a profession or just when I travel,” Julia states.

She was recently named the World Language Student of the Month in November. She is studying both Spanish and French at the high school. “Julia is a distinguished scholar of both the French and Spanish languages. She can be counted on in class to serve as a model to others and produce thoughtful work,” French teacher Nicole Goode states. At home she speaks mostly Polish and she is taking German classes on her own. People that know that Julia knows so many languages are fascinated by the fact. “ I think it’s awesome that she knows what she does and has good habits because it will definitely help her in the long run,” sophomore Emma Ouzounian said.

It is quite impressive to have the ability to know the languages, but Julia just replied, “once you learn the first few languages you start to notice a lot of similarities between them. It gets easier as you learn more.”  She will continue studying French, German and Spanish until she has fully mastered them and then she might move on to another language. “ I really love learning different languages and I just want to be able to see where all those languages will take me.”


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