Hannah Tumlinson is an unknown artist

By Sierra Martin, Talon Staff Reporter

Junior Hannah Tumlinson is a third year art student at HRVHS. Tumlinson has been doing art for as long as she can remember.

Tumlinson first got started in art because she wanted to express herself, her ideas, and create something. Tumlinson finds her inspiration for her art from music, the media, nature, and people. When asked how she feels about art Tumlinson answered, “I love it all. Well, actually it depends on what it is, but usually it’s really cool no matter what it is.” When Tumlinson is doing her art she likes to work with a little bit of everything and whatever works best with her piece and her vision. When asked what style of art Tumlinson most liked, she answered, “psychedelic awesomeness.”

Tumlinson hasn’t decided what she wants to do yet, but she says she will probably not go to an art school. She may major in art and possibly have a career involving 2D art.

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