HRV Alumni: Greg Walden

Greg Walden is a U.S. Representative, who also happens to be a former student of our beloved HRVHS.  Within the span of a fifteen minute phone interview, there was a lot to learn. Walden attended HRV in the years ’71-’74, which happened to be the years the school system was practicing an education system called MOD,  which gave the students freedom to do the classwork at a pace they were comfortable with. The students were given a certain amount of work to finish at a time for their three week classes, and instead of teachers, there were study managers, who were around to assist the students in their learning processes. Unfortunately, the system wasn’t efficient enough, and was canceled sometime after Walden graduated. HRV is where his political and leadership skills began. He was the manager for the football team, as well as student body president senior year. Working within the student government (with the guidance of Earl Fowler, Walden’s favorite teacher), Walden made some dramatic and positive changes. Back in the 70’s, it was very common for the student to smoke. “We created a designated student smoking section, because the kids would just light up in the bathrooms,” Walden proclaims, after mentioning how the cigarettes started fires in the trashcans, and the bathrooms were filled with smoke. The stuffy bathroom problem was eliminated, and everyone was happy. “We didn’t just complain about stuff, we offered an alternative,” says Walden after discussing the situation. The best memories that stood out for Walden, were the friends he made that lasted past high school, the activities that the school provided and that brought the student body together, and the experiences that aren’t found in the classroom that prepare student for life. Some helpful advice that Walden could offer was be careful what is posted online, it could affect you later in life. Making it out in the career world is competitive, and it’s best to take it seriously. Lastly and most importantly, stay positive.

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