Canned Food Drive competition begins

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HRV’s annual Canned Food Drive kicked off today and will continue until December 17. The drive is one of the largest contributors to the FISH Food Bank, which provides food to hundreds of needy families in Hood River County.

The drive has several goals, for which students can be rewarded. The whole-school goals are as follows:

50,000 cans = 1/2 price dance on the 12th

75,000 cans = Free dance on the 12th

90,000 cans = Lazer tag at the Lock-In

100,000 cans = Extra large inflatable game at the Luau

150,000 cans = Vice Principal Nate Parson gets an actual eagle tattoo

The top four can-collecting classes will get a free meal at The Crazy Pepper or Bette’s, or a  pizza or doughnut party. Individual classes that collect at least 750 cans will earn a cookie party. If community members would like to contribute to the drive they can contact HRV Activity Director Niko Yasui at

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