TBT- Boat house Call Me Maybe 2012

This week we throw back to a music video made by students at HRVHS. When Call Me Maybe was a really popular song everyone was making their own versions of the song. It just so happens Junior Noah Noteboom was featured in this video along with Senior Alyssa Shoaf and Junior Deliciae Gomezz. Nan Noteboom was also there and helped come up with the song idea Nan explained it was a lot of fun and they go on that trip every year. Noah Noteboom said, “no regrets it was a lot of fun.” They have 470 views on their video. Shawn Miley videoed the whole thing it took around three days to complete. Gomezz said, “it was great but I got sun burnt.” Shoaf said, ” Call Me Maybe.”

By:Gracie Wilson

Categories: News

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