A Taste Of Boot Camp For Free

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Do you feel out of shape and bored after school, HRV student? There are free workouts available after school Mondays and Wednesdays at the Hood River Armory provided by Rosa Cortez. Rosa Cortez, National Guard Recruiter, has a history of being in the National Guard since 2006. It was her senior year that she decided to join and pursue being in the military police.

This idea developed by students who joined her on a field trip to the Mt. Hood Community College asking for a type of fitness class to learn about exercises that will teach them about staying active. Everybody assumes that the workouts soldiers do at training must be insanely impossible for an average person to do, but Cortez assures that anything is possible to learn and conquer. “This isn’t about running a ton or doing a lot of pushups. This is about learning all techniques of exercising and pushing your body to exceed.” Rosa Cortez explains. The type of exercising Cortez provides in her workouts are cardio, lifting and strength building. Come join anytime!

By: Maria Chavarria

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