Beginning Mandarin: Hidden Gem

By Talon Staff Reporter Scott Kellett

Introduced to HRV last year, Beginning Mandarin is a favorite among enrolled students. The class, taught by Yi Zhong, provides students with basic Chinese Mandarin language skills as well as insight on Chinese culture and tradition. Daily lessons consist of spoken and written phrases as well as singing and perspective of culture taught through interactive activities and movies.

Each day, students are given opportunities to earn paper Chinese currency by answering questions correctly or through participation. This system encourages friendly competition among students and actually boosts student participation. At the end of the year, students may cash in their earnings for different prizes brought from china by Ms. Zhong. Student Ronaldo Rodriguez claims, “Mandarin is a fun class, but I wasn’t sure about it at first. Now I don’t regret taking the class… I have so much fun in that class I take interest to it so I learn faster and am more productive.”

Students looking to fill open schedules are encouraged to take Beg. Mandarin as it is fun and provides valuable communication skills. Also for the 2015-2016 school year, Mandarin 2 (continuing Mandarin) is being introduced, making Chinese Mandarin an eligible 2 year foreign language course. For further information, please contact the HRV Talon.

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