TBT- Teacher Rachel Harry’s start at HRVHS

This week we throw back to 1987 with the one and only Rachel Harry. Harry was just getting her start at HRV back when there were only 600 kids compared to the now 1400. Harry has taught Spanish, Art, English, Communications, Senior lit survey, and of course, Theater. There were only 8 kids in her spanish class back then, now there are around 30 students in a Spanish class. Harry can see a lot of differences in the students from 87’ and the students now. Harry said that now, “ there are a lot more kids and more violence in scenes kids create. I think its because the shows kids watch.”  Every teacher wonders how their past students are doing but Harry says“ Most my kids from the past keep in touch, so I don’t have to miss them.” Harry then adds, “ it has been interesting to stay in one place as long as I have.”

We wouldn’t have a Theater program if it weren’t for Harry. Some kids that Harry has taught in the past are on Broadway, models, dancers, and even working actors. If you are interested in theater, you should definitely join next year.

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