Fashion trends at HRV

HRV has a lot of style. Every person at school wears different clothes and has their own style. One big trend this year has been Birkenstocks. Almost everyone has a pair now, not only are they comfy but they are super durable. I’ve seen them worn with just about anything, dresses, jeans, shorts, and sweaters. Another big trend in the fall season has been flannels; you can tie them around your waist or wear them as a shirt. They are perfect for the summer-autumn transition. One of my personal favorites has been oversized sweaters, everyone loves feeling warm and comfy, and oversized sweaters give you that. The ever so popular combat boots and converse are always a trend; white converse specifically have been popular. As we get more into the fall season, we’ll trade the Birkenstocks in for UGG boots and Hunters, the shorts to Leggings and jeans, the t-shirts to cardigans, and of course, the iced teas to pumpkin spice lattes. The fall season will also bring new trends and fads to look out for this coming season.

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